Demolition & On-Site Crushing

Marrex can take on Commercial, Residential or Industrial projects

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The Demolition Portion Of Marrex Offers Services Such As:

    1. Concrete Hammering and Pulverizing
    2. On-Site Crushing of Asphalt and Concrete
    3. The Demolition of many buildings whether it be Commercial, Residential or Industrial
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Commercial, Residential or Industrial, we at Marrex use our

safety, expertise and overall professionalism at each and every demolition job that we take on.

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  • Recycled Aggregates

    Recycled Aggregates

    Recycled Asphalt or Recycled Concrete, our product is available in many sizes to accommodate several applications and is readily available for delivery or pick up.

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  • Excavating & Grading

    Excavating / Grading

    Striving to deliver the absolute best job possible for our customers by only using experienced professional operators and the industries best electronic laser levels.

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  • Rexwell Disposal Services Ltd.

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    Rexwell Disposal strives to supply their customers with prompt, reliable service whether it’s Disposal Bin Rentals, Small Equipment Hauling, or E-Waste Collection.

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